Getting Where You Want When You Want.

The great thing about technology is that is has an infinite number of practical uses. Take accessibility for instance.  Whilst wheelchair accessible venues have improved immeasurably over the past few years, you still can’t be absolutely sure that the great restaurant you want to try out, or show you want to see will be able to cater for you needs.

We have highlighted Euan’s Guide before, and that website picks its top 10 accessible venues each year. It’s a brilliant guide. 

But this time, we wanted to highlight AccessAble, a fab’ app and website resource that lets you find an accessible venue anywhere in the country.

The great thing about AccessAble is that they check out every venue they list in person.  That means phrases like ‘fully accessible’ are genuinely helpful. ‘Accessible’ means different things to different people: the visually impaired have contrasting accessibility requirements to wheelchair users.  AccessAble takes these differences into account when assessing a venue.

Currently AccessAble list 16,000+ Accessible loos, 8,000+ shops, 3,500+ restaurants, 1,000+ hotels, 1,000+ tourist attractions and 100+ universities.

You can download the app for your phone.

 AccessAble uses no less than 32 accessibility symbols to indicate various levels of accessibility and amenity.  The symbols cover a diversity of needs and range from sites with steep access ramps or automatic doors, assistive listening or braille to dementia friendly and carer discounts. We’ve copied seven of the symbols below.

See if you can guess the correct meaning.   Check on the AccessAble website to see if you’re right!

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