Personal Wheelchair Budgets are not the only items available via the NHS through the use of your Personal Healthcare Budget (PHB). People who are eligible to receive NHS services will be able to have a PHB including a direct payment.

From 1 April 2014, you have the right to ask for your continuing health care (CHC) funds as a PHB that enables you to make decisions about how you spent your budget in agreement with your local NHS team. People who are already receiving NHS Continuing Care have a right to ask for a personal health budget. The standing rules to the NHS outline that individuals found eligible for CHC have a “right to have” a personal health budget. All CCGs should be offering personal health budgets to this group of people

If someone is interested in a personal health budget for themselves or someone they care for, they should talk to the local NHS team, GP, health professional or social worker who helps them most often with their care – this might be a care manager or a GP. Certain groups of people have a legal right to a personal health budget, outlined in the Right to have guidance (December 2019). All areas across England are expected to offer personal health budgets to additional groups of people, based on local need, including people with a learning disability and/or autism.

In principle, a direct payment can be spent on a broad range of things that will enable the person to meet their health and wellbeing needs. A direct payment may only be spent on services* agreed in the care plan with your Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) The term ‘services’ refers to anything that can be bought and which will meet someone’s health needs. The care plan must be agreed by both the CCG and the person receiving care, or their representative. Before signing off the care plan, the CCG must be reasonably satisfied that the health needs of the patient can be met by the services specified in the care plan. 

At Mobility Shop, most of the products we sell are specifically designed to assist with mobility and healthcare issues. In the main, that does mean wheelchairs which are covered under the Personal Wheelchair Budget. However, people who require continuing health care may find it difficult to get out of bed, washing, eating or problems with incontinence. Consulting with your CCG professionals will determine what additional items around the home you might need to live a comfortable and secure life.

For further information, visit the personal healthcare budget page at the NHS here, or Disability Rights UK here.