A Guide to NHS Wheelchair Vouchers and Personal Wheelchair Budgets

The NHS Wheelchair Voucher Scheme (WVS) is being phased out by all Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and is being replaced by Personal Wheelchair Budgets (PWBs). The NHS is introducing PWB’s as part of a range of measures to improve wheelchair service provision. Principally it is to ensure users have a significantly better choice over the right wheelchair for them and to give a far better experience of care. For more information on Personal Healthcare Budgets (PHBs) click here

Since April 2017 all CCGs were expected to develop plans to offer PWBs to replace the WVS and, since December 2019, those who access wheelchair services with posture and mobility needs impacting upon their wider health and social care have a legal right to a PWB.

Here at Mobshop, we work with most CCGs to accept wheelchair vouchers or personal wheelchair budgets. Please call us on 0800-0855-595 or email hello@mobilityshop.co.uk so we can help you with your options.

A Quick Guide

How do PWBs differ from WVSs?

In a word ‘Choice’. The NHS wants to ensure PWBs form part of wider care Education, Health and Care (EHC) You should expect a personal assessment, a care plan, better integration of care, more complete information about your care and information about the repair and maintenance of wheelchairs.

Who is eligible for a PWB?

As with the WVS, people who meet the eligibility criteria of their local wheelchair service. If you are already registered with your local wheelchair service you will be eligible when you require a new wheelchair, either through a change in clinical needs or should your current wheelchair’s condition require it.

How much will the PWB be worth?

This is entirely dependant on your local CCG who will develop a process to determine the value of each individual’s PWB. This will be based upon what it would cost the NHS to meet your needs. People can also opt to access non-statutory funding via voluntary or charitable organisations. Details of your local CCG can be found HERE.

Can I contribute to my PWB?

Yes, you can. As with the WVS, you can top up the amount the CCG has assessed your PWB to be as the current regulatory framework remains unchanged.

Will wheelchair services stop using the WVS?

No. The PWB builds on the functionality of the WVS and all CCGs must ensure the WVS remains available throughout their transition period. Each CCG is expected to publish the details of their PWB offer on their website.

Can I find out more?

You certainly can. Either call us on 0800-0855-595, email us on hello@mobilityshop.co.uk or visit the Personal Wheelchair Budget page on the NHS website.

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