TGA Duo Wheelchair Power Pack

£599.99 (inc VAT £719.99)

The  TGA duo wheelchair power pack does the hard work for you. It is easy to install and use (as shown in the video), and can be adjusted to fit most wheelchairs.


A Duo wheel TGA wheelchair power pack which provides improved performance due to the double wheel configuration, giving improved traction. This dual wheel version, can be fitted to most wheelchairs and is installed very easily and quickly. No expert knowledge is required, but in case of any query we have staff able to assist.

This version is ideal for those who live in hilly areas or that need more traction due to there location. The attendant uses the duo tga powerpack by using a simple controller that’s attached to the wheelchair handlebar. It has a reverse function as well that is operated by a click of a switch, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Carers and attendants of wheelchair users find this accessory a great benefit as it makes manoeuvering wheelchairs so much easier.

This TGA Duo wheel power pack is the most popular version, and is designed and manufactured in the UK. It is variable speed, up to 4 mph, and can travel distances up to 10 miles with a maximum user weight of 20 stone or 165 kg.

Again like most powerpacks it can be easily transported as it splits into 2 main components which make the motor and rechargeable battery more manageable. The power pack can be removed or re-installed on the wheelchair very quickly as the brackets and controller remain on the wheelchair.

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