It’s not long now until the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day.  So, we thought we’d put together a wheelchair user guide for long-time loves, someone special you’ve just met, or that awesome person you’re just dying to get to know better. Some of you may already have dates but maybe the search is still on for that special someone to share Valentine’s with or, who knows, a little longer. Wherever you are on that journey, these are just a few tips for wheelchair users so that Valentines is fun and fulfilling.

Finding your Wheelchair Love

  • Don’t be afraid to ask: Don’t succumb to shyness. Sometimes you only get one chance. Valentine’s is the one day of the year when it’s OK to say something so go for it and ask that person you’ve had a bit of a crush on for a date.
  • Positivity: Let’s face it, you’re worth it. So think and be positive about the feelings you have for your Valentine’s date. Be confident, it’s an enormously attractive quality and at this time of the year a bit of chutzpah can do you no harm. Think about the glow you feel when you’re close to the one you want to share this day with, because your happy thoughts will be contagious. If you’re able-bodied and your crush is not (or vice-versa) be bold. Life is short.
  • Super Strategy: Don’t leave it all to chance. Make a plan. If you’re already with your life partner, make all your arrangements as early as possible (But keep the surprise secret). You don’t want to be disappointed if you’ve left it too late to secure that Valentine’s surprise. If this is to be a first date, don’t hang about. If you find this person attractive, you won’t be the only one so get in early. Everyone wants to be spontaneous but sometimes that tongue can get tied so make sure you know what you’re going to say and be clear about your plan for the day. Ensure your interests are aligned so if it’s either art galleries, theatre, sports events or food & wine that your Valentine loves, make it special.
  • Just do it: Seriously? You’re hesitating? Don’t hang about waiting for fate to take a hand.  Just occasionally fate goes AWOL and YOU have to summon up the courage to ask your crush for a date. You may never get another chance.

Great Ideas for your Wheelchair Valentine’s

You may be in a relationship, hopeful of one or simply desire friendship. Either way, it will influence your plans for the day. You will want whatever you plans are to be fun, enjoyable and a triumph. Despite improvements, accessibility can still be an issue. If you’re able-bodied and asking out a wheelchair user, ensure you’ve thought about accessibility so that your Valentine’s date is just as good as you want it to be.

  • Dinner and the Flicks: A super flexible option. If you’re both outgoing types, here’s an opportunity to try that new restaurant and catch a just-released movie. On the other hand, you could demonstrate your culinary expertise with a romantic candlelit dinner at home followed by cosying up on the sofa and a Netflix movie.
  •  A Gig and a Bite: “If music be the food of life, play on; give me excess of it…”  Music arouses the passions and if you both love music, classical or modern, it can be a wonderful date.  Dinner either before or after. You choose.
  • The Great Outdoors: Probably more suitable for the daytime, especially in February which can be bitterly cold. But outdoor types will love a trip out to the countryside. Whether it’s lakeside, seaside, a visit to your favourite National Park, take along a special picnic and a little bottle of something you fancy.  Combine the great outdoors with an event. But, whatever you do, wrap up warm; February has the reputation of being the coldest month of the year so that’s a very good excuse for a Valentine’s Day cuddle to keep warm…
  • Take a Tour: There are plenty of places to go: A Cadbury’s chocolate factory tour? How about a vineyard or a brewery? A museum perhaps or maybe a film studio? All of these places can be combined with a little something to eat and can be tailored to yours and your date’s specific interests.
  • Amore Activity: Shared interests can make for a fun date. A cooking class taught by professional chefs can be both instructive, enjoyable and incredibly useful.  Just imagine, you could learn the skills to create that special Valentine’s Day gourmet dinner you’ve always wanted to give your date.

Valentine’s Day is your chance to travel and make a day (night) of it. Of course, this depends on your relationship, but why not include a day trip in your plans. It can be so exciting to visit somewhere you’ve never been before which makes the day out a day of mutual discovery. But, whatever you do, don’t forget the traditions. A thoughtfully written card, an excess of chocolate and flowers are always well received. In case you hadn’t noticed, wheelchair users are just as romantic, love chocolate just as much and adore the attention of loved ones and admirers just like anyone.  Valentine’s Day is for everyone. Make that someone special in your life feel amazing.   


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