Text Size & How to change it

Mobility Shop uses relative font sizes, which most modern web browsers are able to resize to user requirements. All web site styling and positioning is handled through Cascading Style Sheets; if your web browser or reading device does not support CSS, the content of each page will still be readable.

Holding down the “Ctrl or Strg” key and scrolling with the mouse ball at the same time enables you to change the size of the visible text. Another method is to hold down the “Ctrl or Strg” key and then press the ” – or + ” key

These methods work in both the Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox browser. Using this method in Opera has a different effect, it magnifies or decreases the size of the viewable page.

W3C Standards Compliance

The Mobility Shop website complies with the W3C standards for XHTML 5.0 Transitional. Mobility Shop endeavour to use structured semantic markup throughout this site.

Links within the Mobility Shop website

Mobility Shop contains links to both internal and external pages; text links feature TITLE attributes to provide additional information regarding the nature of the link.

Where a link exists to an external webpage/website, this will open in a new browser window.


All content images within Mobility Shop contain ALT tags.