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Let’s Talk About Sex…

Let’s Talk About Sex …

The British are, at best, reticent to talk about sex and sexuality, but when it’s combined with disability… Well, let’s just say they haven’t made the best bedfellows in the past.


But why anyone should think that disabled and mobility challenged people would have fewer sexual desires and needs is simply bizarre and very, very wrong.


So, surprise, surprise, who’d have guessed it, disabled people love having great sex.  Who knew?! Just like anyone, sex isn’t just about the feeling in your vagina, penis or genitals (how prosaic?) but an all over body experience. Living with disability or being a wheelchair user just means some things are harder to reach, (no pun intended) some sensations are harder to experience, and obviously some things are just harder than normal.


The sex toy industry has become much more innovative and understanding over the years about the needs of disabled people, and these days there’s an array of disabled-friendly sex toys out there. From hands free, to toys which can be used all over the body. So, whether it’s an Intimate Rider, a Hot Octopuss Pulse or a Satisfyer Pro. There’s something good out there for everyone.


Sex toys are not something we at MobShop have previously sold.  But now we will. We’re just putting together our range of orgasmic goodies and soon we will have a something for everyone.  If you have any experience of a sex toy that you think we should stock just let us know at


Good vibrations are just around the corner!