TGA Duo Wheelchair Power Pack HD

£799.99 (inc VAT £959.99)

The  TGA Duo Heavy Duty wheelchair power pack for users up to 26 stone, easily installed, simple to use, forward/reverse up to 4mph, 10 mile range


Another Duo wheel TGA wheelchair powerpack but this is the Heavy Duty version which can be fitted to all wheelchairs in a very short time, and once fitted it can be removed and reinstalled in seconds.

Once installed you won’t need to push the wheelchair again, the powerpack works at a flick of a switch and supplies variable speeds of up to 4mph, it also has a reverse function which can be used by a switch on the controller. This TGA Duo Heavy Duty Power Pack provides ample power to traverse uneven ground, hilly areas and even ramps for those users up to 26 stone.

Carers and attendants of wheelchair users find this accessory a great benefit as it makes manoeuvering wheelchairs so much easier, especially in tight spaces.

This powerpack can be easily transported as it splits into 2 main components which make the motor and rechargeable battery more manageable. The power pack can be removed or re-installed on the wheelchair very quickly as the brackets and controller remain on the wheelchair.

The battery can be recharged overnight ready for the next days excursion, using the fully automatic charger that is supplied with the powerpack.

Delivery is free and we have staff able to provide help with fitting the unit or just general advise

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Battery Size (Ah)


Range up to (km)

VAT Exempt

Total Weight

User Weight

Battery Weight

6.5kg 14lbs

Powerpack weight

8.5kg 19lbs