TGA Wheelchair Power Pack Plus

£994.99 (inc VAT £1,193.99)

The TGA Powerpack Plus incorporates the latest technology and has an uprated motor and battery capacity allowing users up to 32 stone (203kg) to be moved easily. Forward and reverse are standard.


This TGA Powerpack Plus was the last model added to the TGA Power Pack range, it was designed specifically for the heavier user in mind and has new technology incorporated with it to make it the best power pack in its class.

As with all powerpacks from TGA and other manufacturers, it can attach to most wheelchairs in seconds and can be disassembled just as quickly. Once it’s fitted the user can easily control the wheelchair and power pack through the use of a controller on the handlebar which takes away the need to push the wheelchair. As standard, it also has a reverse function which assists greatly in small spaces.

This heavy-duty twin wheel power pack has increased motor power and larger battery capacity which provides enough torque/power to propel a manual controlled wheelchair and occupant weighing up to 32 stone (203kg). This model incorporates new technology with an updated control system which provides soft start off technology allowing a smoother initial drive. The system allows the powerpack to assist a wheelchair attendant with a larger occupant in a controlled manner with less possibility of wheel spin.

This heavy-duty power pack was designed to meet the growing demand for larger users requirements for powered mobility products.

The Power Pack Plus has the following benefits:

  • Fits virtually all wheelchairs
  • Quick and easy to install and dismantle
  • 32 stone weight capacity
  • 3mph top speed
  • Forward and reverse
  • easy to use
  • up to miles range
  • usage counter
  • 2-year warranty
  • advanced soft start/stop technology
  • splits into 2 components for ease of transport
  • simple to recharge
  • upgraded motor and battery capacity

Additional information

Motor Size

24v 200w

Powerpack total weight

16.7kg 36.8lbs

Powerpack weight

7.85kg 17.3lbs

Battery Bag weight

8.85kg 19.5lbs

Wheel size

200 x 50mm

Battery Size

2 x 12v 14ah

Max Speed

3mph 4.8kmph

Approximate Range

10 miles 16km

Max User weight

32stone 203kg

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