Do you need a Walking Aid?

We sell walking aids suitable for all conditions and environments.

Many people are reluctant to use any disability aids. They don’t want to look old, or perhaps they feel self-conscious that they are ill and different. However, seeing a loved one who once again has there mobility back is priceless. By allowing patients to regain their confidence walking aids can be life-changing.

A variety of conditions may lead to the need for a walking aid. Some patients will require help for the rest of their lives while others only during their illness or through rehabilitation.

Are you in pain and think that a walking aid could help make things easier?

You may need a walking aid for rehabilitation, after a stoke or an operation for example. The aid would provide you with support and balance while you rebuild your strength and stamina. By allowing the walker to take your weight you can focus on other areas of balance and mobility until you no longer need the assistance.

Many illnesses and conditions result in pain which is often worst when walking. The right walker could alleviate the pain enough so that you again be mobile and physically independent.

Feeling isolated and think that a walking aid could help you get out and about again?

Walkers are also useful for people chronic fatigue syndrome. These patients become incredibly tired after physical activity and may find it necessary to have a walker as a backup. This also helps with a patient’s confidence. Not wanting to leave the house just in case they can’t make it home is a common problem with many people not only those with chronic fatigue syndrome.

The elderly especially often lose their confidence after an accident. Relying on a walker initially provides reassurance to the patient, allowing them to regain their mobility and avoiding becoming isolated at home. Staying physically independent is essential to a patient’s mental health. Allowing them to carry on their day to day pleasures like seeing family and friends or popping to the shops is vital for their wellbeing.

Are you looking for the best walking aid for your condition?

Walkers are a much sturdier alternative to walking sticks providing balance. Because they evenly distribute the patient’s weight, they avoid the problems associated with crutches or walking sticks. Crutches can cause nerve damage by too much pressure being placed in the armpit, forearm strain, rubbing, and there is also the risk of slipping. Walking sticks can create problems with body alignment as patients tend to lean on one side while they walk.

Every condition is different depending on its nature and severity. Anybody who requires help with balance or suffers from fatigue would benefit from a walking aid.

3-wheeled triwalkers are easy to manoeuvre, providing support, stability, and help to prevent falls. They also have a basket to add shopping.

The four-wheeled rollators have a seat to allow users to rest if they become fatigued and provide extra stability.

Are you worried about how to transport your Rollator or walking aid?

Many of our walkers are foldable and easily collapse to fit in a car or allow you to stow them on public transport. We also sell lightweight aluminium walkers like the Drive DeVilbiss Ultra Lightweight Triwalker which are even easier to manoeuvre and transport.

Indoor walking aids such as the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy tend not to be foldable.